History of Draenei in World of Warcraft

We believe that you are much known Draenei, if you are a WoW player. You know how to create it, how to operate better and how it can gain more benefits, such as collect wow power leveling (copper, silver and WoW gold), experience (WoW power leveling). Here we will talk about how Draenei was born in World of Warcraft!

About 25 thousand years ago, the Eredar race was born in Argus. They are very wise race, and have close contact of the magic with the natural.

With such talent, they built a large and wonderful country. Unfortunately, the achievements of Eredar have aroused the wow power level. And this time, the dark Titan has launched the Burning Crusade, and he believes that Eredun is very suitable for the leadership of his everexpanding army of demons. Therefore, he contacted the Eredar''s three main leaders: Kil''jaeden, Archimonde, and Velen. He still gives Eredar endless cutoff of power and knowledge for their loyalty. Although the conditions given by Sargeras sound very tempting, David has a terrible sense of foreboding future. Sargeras call a spade a spade: Eredar who follow him are indeed unprecedented access to knowledge and power, but they will be transformed into demons. It is the beginning of Draenei race. If players hope to know why Draenei can buy world of warcraft gold and experience (WoW powerleveling), read the following history. Velen saw the terrible forces of the Burning Legion, and it witnessed the destruction of the world and the scourge. He rushed forward to warn Kil''jaeden and Archimonde, but they do not care, because they have been committed to the temptation of Sargeras. They swear allegiance to Sargeras, and thus turned into huge and evil creatures.

The military of Sargeras is so powerful, resistance is simply unimaginable. Velen nearly hopeless, but his prayer has not been in vain. The existence of a mysterious tells him that he is a Botnaru races, the goal of them are to prevent the Burning Crusade. They proposed to take Velen and other Eredar who have not yet fallen to a safe place. For most WoW players, the history is not cared because it cannot help them collect WoW gold, useful items, exclusive equipments and XP for completing WoW powerleveling.

Velen is very pleased, and he immediately convened those who do not want to follow the Eredar who Sargeras. They will call themselves Delaney the phrase in the Eredar is the "exile". Delaney had escaped from world of warcraft gold , followed by the Burning Legion. Velen betrayed Kil''jaeden considered that Velen has betrayed hime, and so much rage, vowed to searching through every corner of the universe, to Velen and the eradication of all those Delaney. From here, you know how Draenei was born, why it is so strong and powerful, why it can bring more WoW money to you. Although Delaney were cautious, Kil''jaeden eventually discovered the land of their seclusion. He studied the situation in the world, and a strong interest Orc race. Then he had a plan let Orc for him to become a tool for killing. Just take some time and finesse, this plan can easily succeed. Kil''jaeden starts to tempt to Orc. First of all, he utilizes the old resistance Aouzou Shaman, and then his student of Gul ''dan. Orc began to like power and the joint to become a unified tribe. Even the wisest Shaman healers have begun to learn magic, and have forgotten their faith.