Trolls Take Back the Echo Isles

There''s no stopping the war drums in wow power leveling as the Darkspear trolls prepare to reclaim their long lost homeland from the clutches of an evil necromancer. In the upcoming Patch 3.9.0, one of the last updates before the Cataclysm expansion, the Darkspears will seek the help of their Horde allies and a wow power level to retake the Echo Isles once and for all.

But the sorcerer Zalazane won''t give up his hold on the Echo Isles easily. Commanding an army of Darkspear trolls he has enslaved using voodoo magic, Zalazane hopes to pit the tribe against one another and keep the advancing Darkspears at bay.

Zalazane had once been loyal to buy world of warcraft gold but his research on dark magic gave him illusions of grandeur that he had the right to subdue his own people for personal gain. What Zalazane hasn''t counted on though is the tenacity of Vol''jin, the current leader of the exiled Darkspear trolls.

Vol''jin has begun a massive recruitment campaign across the Horde faction and has turned the quiet Sen''jin Village into a bustling base of operations. Spy Frogs, Troll Druids and a Loa Spirit

According to initial testing of Patch 3.3.5 at the public test realms, the Echo Isles quest line begins in Sen''jin Village where Horde players will be asked to capture frogs for the troll lieutenant Vanira. These frogs will serve as spies for the Darkspears since Vanira can attune her eyesight to the frogs'', enabling her to see the goingson in the Echo Isles and plan the best time for attack.

You also get to meet world of warcraft gold , which turns out to be the druid troll Zen''tabra. The inclusion of troll druids into the Echo Isles campaign is a smart move for Blizzard since it will give a great back story for this newest raceclass option.

Zen''tabra joins the cause and enlists her troll druid friends, further bolstering the forces at Sen''jin Village. But the most powerful ally to join the Darkspears will be the loa spirit Bwonsamdi who watches over the tribe, both living and dead. Bwonsamdi is first unsure whether you will be able to defeat Zalazane but after proving your mettle in combat, the loa spirit finally relents and lends his strength for the last push deep into the Echo Isles. The Storming of Echo Isles

Having gathered enough troll warriors and allies to match Zalazane''s forces, Vol''jin invades the Echo Isles for the final confrontation. Vanira, Zen''tabra and Bwonsamdi all provide backup in what has been described as the troll version of the Battle for the Undercity. The storming of Echo Isles will be a phased encounter and will feature opponents ranging from packs of hexed trolls to the miniboss Jun''do the Traitor. Zalazane will also attempt to conjure an impenetrable force field that will protect him from harm, but let''s just say it won''t do him any good and he will at last get a taste of his own bad mojo.

It remains to be seen whether the hexed trolls can be brought back from their trance, but it is suspected that killing Zalazane—plus the help of the Darkspear witch doctors—could be enough to free the enslaved trolls.

The Echo Isles campaign has been a long time coming and trolls around Azeroth are thrilled to no end. No more squatting in Orgrimmar or being the only Horde race without a city to call their own. Now, Vol''jin and his Darkspear trolls will taste liberation—and get a breezy, tropical town to call home in Cataclysm.