WoW Gold Making for Newbie

Do you a newbie or do you create a new character in world of warcraft? Do you master the right method to make wow power leveling ? This guide is right for you. I have found this on the internet and I feel it will help a lot of newbies to get started and even some people that just started playing on the brand new servers and want to make gold quickly at the lower levels in the game!

Start as Skinner and an Herbalist or Miner for a while to gather resources. You may have to travel to a main town to learn these skills early but its worth doing early.

Skinner as you will be killing many skinable mobs early on, and either Herbalist or Miner as the radar marker conflicts you cant have both a Herbalist and Miner radar blip on. I have "toons" that are both Skinner, Herbalist and Skinner, Miner ... I think the coin generated is a little better as a Miner (esp as you get occ. gem drops in ore placements), but if you choose a darkelf as a race go herbalist as the starting area has no mining resources there may be an equivalent horde race !

Collect 6 slot bags as quickly as possible ... some will drop as loot, others can be bought from tailors ... you can do a /who and /tell and offer to buy wow power level the mail system so you don’t have to buy from an NPC vendor or go to an Auction House before you are ready. Have a "mule" sitting in your factions Auction House Town (eg. Ironforge for Alliance) create a character that is closest to the Auction House Town, best a dwarf or gnome for easy access to buy world of warcraft gold Humans need to travel via Stormwind and the Underground tram system, DarkElves have to travel via foot for about 20 minutes through dangerous territory to get anywhere near Ironforge for the first time ... place your character very near a mailbox that is not busy. There are two mailboxes near the Auction House in Ironforge one is always crowded, crowds = lag. Choose the one that is not busy for your login/logout place. This mule you will post your stacks to for sale at the Auction House.

Keep notes of how much a stack of resources (light leather from skinning, copper ore from mining, silverleaf and peaceblossom from herbalism) sell to an NPC vendor but don’t sell to the vendor. See Part Ⅱ for next step of world of warcraft gold making