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How can I request a refund?

It is required for you to use our online Live Chat to claim your refund. We do not accept refund requests via e-mail for security reasons. If you would like to request a refund, please contact our Live Chat.

Why does refund happen?
In most cases, we are able to deliver orders in the timeframe specified. Occasionally, we are unable to complete an order right away. In such a case, we will inform customer in time and keep a clear communication with you. You can either cancel this order for a refund, or wait for us to have stock for you later. It must be added that we could only make partial refund if you have received part of goods as ordered.
How is refund issued?

If your request for a refund is granted, we shall send it to you in 12 hours. You can use PayPal to receive the refund.

Change Policy

In case that you commit an error in your order, e.g. choosing a wrong server of world of warcraft, ordering an inaccurate amount of wow gold or other mistakes, please inform our On-line Customer Service at once. As long as it is not your first time to place an order here and your order has not been concluded, we shall modify your order as soon as we get your notice. So when you realize you''ve made a mistake, take an immediate step to inform us.

Return Policy

Unlike real world money, virtual currency is of course without any fake or defective. Taking this into consideration, we do not accept returned purchase except for failed delivery, because it is impossible for you to receive counterfeit gold. We promise 100% guaranteed delivery or your money back.

Warm Reminder

When you are placing an order with us, be extra cautious to ensure right wow server, correct game faction, accurate wow gold amount and other details. Otherwise, it may bring problems to both you and us if anything goes wrong.

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