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The VIP Policy

As a promotional incentive of PLS, our VIP policy aims to create more value for those persons whose accumulated consumption at this website reaches 1000 dollars. The VIP policy is designed to reward our VIP customers for your repeat orders and long-term support. We want to keep your loyalty and build a lasting relationship. In short, the VIP Policy will benefit you in the long run.

How to become a VIP

Every time you place an order at this website, we will keep a record in our system after it is smoothly concluded. No matter you order for virtual currency, power leveling service, or other products, no matter you order for the World of Warcraft, Warhammer Online, EverQuest, or other games, it will all be counted into your whole consumption at our company. You can become our VIP customer when your accumulated consumption achieves at more than 1,000 dollars (EURO 790 or 690 Pound).

Value of being a VIP
As a VIP customer at this website, you always take precedence. For example, you can get quick response via e-mail and MSN as we place top priority to the VIP customers. No matter how busy our business or our staff is, we are able to prioritize your order or your questions. Your order will be processed and delivered in a faster way, and any of your questions will be applied quickly.
Also, being a VIP customer, you have more opportunity to receive our promotional products, which can be bought at much lower prices. And, PLS issues coupon code regularly to reward customers. You have more chances to receive coupon codes than other customers. That means, as a VIP customer, you have more possibility to purchase a product here with a discount and pay for it by your coupon code.